Why work with SOEL?

Quality people are our greatest asset.

Do you want a career where you help children discover new things and express themselves in new ways? Do you want a career where you explore the world alongside children every day and become a collaborator in their learning?

Do you want a career where your actions truly support children’s agency every day? Do you want to work with people who do things not because they are easy, but because they support the best outcomes for the children?

Do you want to work in an environment where everyone is accountable and everyone is supported to be their best?

Do you want to go home every day and think about work, not because of the tasks you haven’t completed or the stressful day that you’ve had, but because you are enthralled about the possibilities that tomorrow will bring?

Do you want to work in an environment that encourages critical thinking, reflection and an inquiring mindset, not only from children but Educators too?

Do you want to be the same person at work that you are elsewhere, (an explorer, a questioner, a thinker, an inquirer, a learner) and be embraced and rewarded for those dispositions?

Do you want to further your career in Early Childhood Education and Care by reflecting on your own pedagogy and make plans to improve your knowledge and practice in conjunction with a team of professional people?

Do you want your work to be challenging, to actually mean something and impart a sense of pride and achievement that comes from a job done to the absolute best of your abilities?

If you want an easy, just do as you are told, minimum effort job, look elsewhere. Our induction process is comprehensive, you and your team will be held accountable and ongoing professional development is mandatory. That is how we attract and maintain the best staff.


You will be offered integrated, relevant and challenging professional development opportunities

We value our Educators and we support their ongoing professional learning and development. As a SOEL employee you will be exposed to ongoing professional development opportunities including:

  • Monthly in-house training directly related to your job, helping you to learn and grow as a professional and reflect on your own practice. We value this training enough to pay you for it and supply a meal. Every month, every time.
  • A bi-annual study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy for outstanding employees who show dedication, passion and an openness to life-long learning
  • Seminars and lectures by leading professionals in the industry
  • First Aid, Anaphylaxis, CPR, Asthma, Manual Handling and Child Protection training

SOEL has its own in-house RTO ‘EYE Training’, with a well-deserved reputation as a tough and thorough organisation that only produces the best quality of graduates. Certificate 3 and Diploma level Early Childhood qualifications as well as a Diploma in Leadership and Management are offered to SOEL employees only.

A Foot in Two Worlds

You will work for highly regarded, industry leaders

We strive every day in very real ways to make sure that we continue to lead the Early Childhood sector in pedagogical practice; teaching, planning, curriculum and reflective practice strategies; child led learning environments; and interesting and stimulating environments for staff. Mindfulness, Resilience, Integrity, Curiosity and Leadership. These are our values.

3 Yr Old Kindy

You will become part of a Family run business

First established in 1974, we pride ourselves on working hard to retain long-term staff and keep the decisions that we make logical, timely, collaborative and locally focused.

We draw perspective and insight from many different disciplines, philosophers and pedagogy, from Australia and overseas. Our philosophy and practice is thus informed by that of the Municipal Schools of Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, and the International Baccalaureate, as well as our own observations and interactions.

Men in Childcare

You will work with great people

You will work alongside other passionate and like-minded individuals who live and breathe the SOEL philosophy and values, who seek others’ contributions and who work together in a truly collaborative manner with children’s best interests always being the focus.

North Perth SOEL - Wonnil

You will work in beautiful, meaningful learning environments

We know that the environment is the third teacher – so our learning environments are all intentionally designed to facilitate children’s sense of agency, stimulate their imagination and creativity, and give them a place to explore, discover, express themselves, learn and grow.

North Perth SOEL - Studio

You will experience what a real Atelier space is all about

All of our centres have dedicated Studio spaces incorporated into their design. Children’s skills and abilities in drawing, painting, clay work, textiles and multi-media are facilitated by Fine Art Degree Qualified educators working collaboratively with you.

SOEL Careers

You will have support from a team of management

All of our centres have two non-contact Centre Managers and a full-time Receptionist. Regularly scheduled meetings take place between Educators in the same team, Lead Educators from different rooms, Educational Leaders from different locations and Managers from different locations. All of this intentional professional support helps make you better at your job, which is better for the children. Opportunities for reflection and professional growth happen at all levels.

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“Staff are continually supported and provided with many fabulous opportunities for their own personal development and training, allowing them to maintain a reflective practice and to grow within the centre.”

– Emily, Studio Coordinator: Subiaco School of Early Learning

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