The Best Child Care in Como

Following on from the successful launch of the North Perth SOEL, we are pleased to announce our new High Quality Early Learning Centre for the people of Como and everyone south of Perth…

Como School of Early Learning

This lovingly refurbished site is perfectly placed on your route to work, just a couple of minutes from South Perth, Canning Bridge Station and Curtin University.

The large outdoor spaces will be dotted with garden beds filled with kitchen greens, fruits and vegetables.

With Reggio Emilia influenced environments and resources, including a full-time Fine-Arts Degree Qualified Atelier in their own dedicated studio space, your child will have the best start possible with SOEL.

Como SOEL will be open in January 2020.

To make a free application for enrolment for your child complete our Registration Form here, or call our enrolments team on (08) 6314 1199 between 9:30am and 5pm.

To book yourself on a tour one of our other centres to see what we are all about, go here.

Centre Contact Details

90 McDonald Street, Como 6152

See Como SOEL Up Close

(more coming soon!)

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