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We have an Artist in Residence Program

SOEL, in collaboration with Artsource Fremantle, invites local artists to come to create projects with our children. Find out more here.

Cleaning is Caring

The bubbles experiment is a simple yet rich learning experience. Try this at home with toys, kitchen utensils or anything else you want cleaned.

Toddler Music Research 2019

SOEL Toddler Music Research 2019

SOEL educators from sister centres in Studio and Toddler rooms came together to research how music and sounds transform toddlers and the world they live in. 


Childrens Project: Transformation

At SOEL, children have a direct influence on their physical environments and the nature of the investigations that happen within them.

Building Resilience

Bumps and Bruises: Building Resilience

Resilience is the ability to successfully manage the bumps and bruises of life, to successfully manage the things that can hurt physically, emotionally and psychologically.