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We have an Artist in Residence Program

SOEL, in collaboration with Artsource Fremantle, invites local artists to come to create projects with our children. Find out more here.

SOEL Values Series: Curiosity

At SOEL, we want our educators, children and families to be curious and explore different perspectives, experiences and realities.

Art Galleries @ Home

Explore how to create art gallery and museum exhibit incursions to enjoy with your child in your own home.

Approaching Anti Bias using BIG Ideas

In the Schools of Early Learning, the Pedagogy and Training team, alongside educators from all age groups, engage in research as part of the children’s long-term investigations.

Nature Walks & Transient Art

How to bring the SOEL experience home through nature walks. Use this guide on transient art for some at-home activity ideas.

The Anti Bias Approach for 2022

The Pedagogy and Training team discusses the approach to research SOEL will take in 2022 where we will be exploring social justice.

Reflections on 2021

The SOEL Director’s reflect on staff wellbeing and the children’s learning in 2021 and what is to expect for 2022.