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We have an Artist in Residence Program

SOEL, in collaboration with Artsource Fremantle, invites local artists to come to create projects with our children. Find out more here.

SOEL Winter Menu for 2021

SOEL provides children with a healthy and wide variety of nutritious meals in a space where they can enjoy and experiment with food’s taste, smell, and texture.

SOEL Childcare Menu

SOEL Summer Menu for 2021

SOEL believes good nutrition in the first few years of a child’s life is vital for their growth and development potential. Therefore it’s crucial to offer a wide variety of foods daily to meet their needs & to introduce new foods to develop their food preferences.

2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a year that took everyone by surprise. It was a year of challenges, hardships and growth in unexpected ways. We are so proud of how our educators, families and children handled the unexpected changes 2020 dealt us.

Virtual Art Gallery

At the end of every year at all of our SOEL centres, we hold a large end of year concert for the three and four-year-old rooms.

This event consists of an end of year performance and a gallery of the children’s end of year canvases. Last year we didn’t have an in-person end of year concert, due to this we created the gallery differently.