Parent Communication | SOEL Families powered by Slack

A collaborative discussion space.

As part of our commitment to Parent Communication and the International Baccalaureate programme, we have been looking at different ways to embed a sense of open collaboration and discourse with our families. After all, families are children’s first teachers and the trust that you give to us when you leave your child at SOEL is something that we want to reflect and build upon going forward.

To that end, we are proud to introduce SOEL Families, a secure and private digital space in which families are invited to offer their perspectives on a variety of topics related to the care and education practices that underpin the SOEL Way.

The SOEL Families Channel is powered by Slack. Slack is a sector leading productivity and communication App, available for Apple, Mac, Windows and Android devices, both mobile and desktop.

SOEL Families will not replace our face to face conversations with you. It simply gives us a space where you can see announcements and information, dropping in and out as you wish. Just read or contribute, it’s up to you.

The parent communication through the SOEL Families App proved to be VERY helpful with the transition to the Child Care Subsidy, with parents sharing information and helping each other with technical questions and shared experiences.

We chose this platform for SOEL Families:

  • To make use of its opt-in features
  • For security
  • To offer control for parents around the amount of information that you make public (by default you only display your chosen nickname and no other information is available to general members)
  • To offer a capacity to drop in and out of conversations
  • For its ability to offer specific spaces for specific tasks in the future
  • Everyone automatically joins the #general channel and may be allocated to other channels in the future. If we have a particular question that we want to propose to a specific subset of users, we can make some things only visible to those people

If you are an existing parent who currently does not have access to the SOEL Families App, please talk to your Manager.

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