SOEL Kindy: A modern choice for modern families

Why would you choose Schools of Early Learning as your child’s Kindy programme?

We have a solid curriculum with a stimulating Kindergarten education programme SOEL programmes are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the same national kindergarten programme that schools are using. Your child will acquire all and more of the knowledge and skills needed for formal schooling. Our programmes are unique because they are driven by the children: by their interests, strengths and needs. Every part of our programme provides opportunities for children to practise skills and develop understandings.

Kindy Programme

How does SOEL teach Literacy, Reading and Writing?

Literacy skills are embedded in the program through a holistic and integrated approach. Our children write, create, design and read their own stories and understandings so that they can shape and design their worlds. Our children write to think and to find their own voice. Opportunities are offered for the children to write to imagine, to write freely and to make meaning. Book, word and letter knowledge, spelling and grammar are taught in context. The art and joy inherent in deciphering a recipe or writing an invitation to visit or writing a card for Mum engage the children in literacy skills that are meaningful.

How does SOEL teach Numeracy and Mathematical thinking?

Numeracy and maths skills are taught through everyday life and its activities. Numeracy at SOEL Kindy looks like children counting out enough cups for the number of children in a group. It looks like children estimating how many jugs of water they will need for all the cups to be filled. It looks like dividing out the morning tea so that everyone has the equivalent. It looks like adding more blocks to make a tower measuring the same height as the child. It looks like lining up objects to make a repeating pattern. They are the what, the how can we, the how many, investigative questions that prompt problem solving and analytical thinking skills. The children work mathematically to record these calculations and measurements. The children learn maths through a combination of child initiated ideas and intentional teaching through the SOEL Kindy programme every day.

How do we use Inquiries to develop knowledge and skills?

We get to know your children and know them well. What we learn from our interactions and observations informs our systematic way of gathering information about every child on a cyclical basis throughout the year. These understandings are used to design a programme that meets the needs and interests of the children with the children.

The children’s identified interests are developed into questions which drive inquiries or investigations. Underpinning knowledge, concepts and skills are identified and explicitly taught. Play-based learning, practical life skills ln routines, mat times and forums add to the learning journey. New interests and questions emerge to ignite fresh investigations and the curriculum and learning evolve in an organic way.
To think, to research, to discover, is to remember and consolidate what we are learning.

We have beautiful environments and resources

At SOEL we believe that the environment is the third teacher. Our purpose designed gardens, rooms and common spaces provide children with real tools, experiences and encounters. We develop programmes that run both indoors and outdoors simultaneously to promote a free flow of moving with a purpose and stimulating curiosity and investigation.

We have dedicated studio spaces

Our beautiful studios are staffed by artists and educators who teach the children the skills to observe, to communicate through a wide variety of media, to research with rigour and to persevere with challenging problems. Our studios are the foundation for the development of scientific thinking.

We make the learning visible, we communicate well and we want your input.

The learning is real. It is evident in the programmes, the visual displays in the inquiry areas and in the conversations your children will have with you. You can talk with the Educators and you can access the Parent Portal where we upload Photo Journals and Weekly Reflection documents of the children at work and play. SOEL Kindy does it all and MORE!

SOEL Kindy Programmes

Our 3 year old Kindy and 4 year old Kindy children have their own programmes, educators and dedicated spaces. At every one of our centres, our 3 and 4 year old Kindy children thrive in an environment separate to their younger peers.

All of our locations are rated across all of our age groups. The children are always the centre and driving force of the programme. As Dr Marie Martin previously wrote “Our programmes are unique because they are driven by the children: by their interests, strengths and needs. Every part of our programme provides opportunities for children to practise skills and develop understandings.”

All of our children participate in mentoring programmes, either modelling for younger peers or learning from those who have gone before them. But also very importantly they all have time and space to develop ownership over environments with their peers. Places that they can directly influence and craft, spaces that they can change and demonstrate their will, research and capabilities.

So choose us for your 3 year old and 4 year old Kindy child. They will have care and education that focuses on them as individuals, as a part of a peer group and as internationally minded citizens. Schools of Early Learning: Reggio Emilia influenced, play based Early Childhood Education and Care at it’s best.