SOEL has been caring for and educating the youngest children in our communities for almost 50 years. During that time we’ve seen a lot. COVID-19 has proven to be a challenge for everyone concerned, and it will continue to be a presence well into the future.

Since the beginning of COVID in Australia around February 2020, we have maintained the highest standards of education and care and consistently acted on the most up-to-date health advice from the Western Australia Department of Health and the WA Government. Timely, meaningful and accurate information is essential to making the decisions that are in the best interests of our children, our families, our staff and the SOEL community as a whole.

The health and wellbeing of our children and families is always at the centre of what we do and with best practice hygiene procedures in place, we can quickly react to changing conditions and recommendations accordingly.

SOEL has responded with a variety of strategies aimed at keeping our Children, Parents, Staff and wider Community healthy and safe, including; instigating a door-drop-off model where only children and educators actually enter the building; mandating masks for staff and anyone else entering our spaces for a much longer period than the general community; and adjusting practice inside the centres to minimise contact between age groups.

SOEL children are strong, resilient and capable learners and responded very positively to the changes, thriving in these new an evolving circumstances.

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